Stop Internt Regularion

This page was dedicated to fight the Internet regulation and these was the Image was was showing.

Stop Internet Regulation

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This was the original text:

Make sure you sign American Commitment’s petition to Tom Wheeler, the chairman of the FCC below—and tell him that the American people won’t stand for a federal takeover of the Internet. And we’ll send a copy of your petition to your Congressman too—just so that they know where their constituents stand in the fight to stop these crippling Internet regulations.

There was a petition sign here with the following text:

Dear Mr. Wheeler,


The courts have twice struck down the FCC’s attempts to place the Internet under political control. If the FCC attempts this irresponsible action for the third time, Congress should cut off its funding, shut it down, and assign its legitimate responsibilities to other, more responsible agencies. The American people can and will defend ourselves against power-hungry bureaucrats like the IRS and the FCC.




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